Star Wars - The Ashes of Victory

Game 1


Sela summoned the members of her rebel cell to the backroom of her cantina – a purposeful maze of junk, crates, and debris with a meeting spot in the middle – to discuss the current situation.

Discussing the current events – the Whelori system’s restriction on communications in or out of the system, along with a heavy Imperial presence due to the gang and rebel activities – they discussed the new Museum of Galactic History being built by a friend of the Undermoff, Joman Rey, that highlights Whelori’s role during the Clone Wars.

Sela joined her three compatriots shortly after their discussions with bad news: a virus has been spreading throughout the Whelori system. It has been spreading quickly throughout the system and impacting people differently – humans are ill but recover after a few days, Duros and Zabrak are relatively immune, but the other races such as the Mon Calamari and Nautolans have been dying from the disease. The Moff has issued a few decrees to combat the situation. The first decree was to restrict all travel to and from the system. The second was to close the only operation medical center on Whelori’s moon and transfer all supplies to the planet.

Sela informed her compatriots that other allies have flipped her some information regarding the medical supplies and a time and location where the last batch would be moved sometime in the next hour. It also just so happened that a completely unrelated protest would be occuring at the spaceport in the next 20 minutes to protest the quarantined Spaceport and adjacent makeshift quarantine zone. The compatriots understood their mission: find the supplies that fall off the truck…and perhaps tip the truck over themselves.

As they made their way to exit the cantina, they found it remarkably quiet. After a brief scan, the source was determined: a bounty hunter wearing grey and indigo marked Mandalorian armor was sitting at the Sabaac table. As the Duros militia member approached the Bounty Hunter, he found out that the Bounty Hunter was there under a mysterious employer’s directive. After ascertaining that it wasn’t a bounty on anyone in the cantina, the Duros was offered a task by the Mandalorian: acquire the carbonite thawing mechanism from the hospital that would be just “laying around”.

As the mechanic ‘borrowed’ a landspeeder from her shop – a speeder that was in the shop due to a lack of working brakes – they made their way to the medical facility. As they went there, the militia member and the medtech both noticed the gang tags off the area were painted over with a new sign: the Black Sun had claimed the territory.

As the landspeeder jostled and bumped along the way to the medical facility, the militia member barely managed to drive the landspeeder to their destination. When they arrived, they found an Imperial freight speeder at the facility, with 2 mobile turrets set up to guard them. Realizing Black Sun also knew about the facility and may attempt to raid it themselves, the militia member ran over the turrets and engaged in combat.

As the turrets were sliced and modified, 2 K2 droids and 2 repair droids emerged and joined the fray. The turrets heavily damaged the landspeeder, before one was sliced to destroy the other. One K2 droid was damaged and self destructed, while the other retreated into the facilty, where it eventually made its last stand. Battered and wounded, the three Rebels managed to secure the facility.

As the mechanic and the medtech worked to get the Imperial freight speeder operationaly, they discovered that it could be altered….but it had a tracker on it that would take awhile to remove. The mechanic then began to trip the repulsor lift components from the freight speeder to repair the original land speeder while the medtech and militia member brought out 3 crates of medical supplies and the crate containing the carbonite thawing machine.

Rummaging for whatever else they could find and carry – 6 total kolto packs – the militia member noticed the approaching Black Sun contingent. Electing to leave the remaining supplies behind for the Black Sun – and confident the droids were destroyed and their presence covered – they sped back to the cantina.

Limping into the cantina – the repulsor makeshift repair broke during the militia member’s rough piloting – they unloaded the supplies and made their deal with the Bounty Hunter. As the medtech ruminated over a drink with Sela regarding the situation at the spaceport. As the quarantine broke down, Sela asked him if it would be better to let the potentially infected individuals roam free and potentially cause an epidemic, or to burn down the zone and prevent a potential epidemic. As the medtech elected against the scorched earth policy, the miitia member rejoined the mechanic outside to take the landspeeder back to the shop. As they gingerly limped back, they both noticed the Imperial response to the broken quarantine: a wing of TIE Bombers leveled the spaceport and quarantine zone.

Back at the shop, the mehanic explained away the damage to the vehicle, only to have the owner, a human man named Meeken, tell her that the busted landspeeder is her pay for the last few weeks, as the Mon Calamari owner was in the quarantine zone and is most likely dead and unable to pay.

The next day, as Sela plotted out her next move, the Bounty Hunter made his payment – 250 credits to both the mechanic and the medtech, and a blast vest to the militia member.


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